Timaru’s Worlds Preview Video

April 7, 2015

I know it’s still just under a year away, but I am so excited to head to New Zealand for the next World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship. And it surely doesn’t help now that the Timaru Bike Polo club put out this teaser video either. So go check it out and let that hardcourt bike polo excitement shoot out of your brain-hole!

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Texas Bike Polo Footage

April 6, 2015
dentron polo

Drew Gaines of ATXBPSC (Austin, Texas Bike Polo Social Club) released two awesome videos in the past two weeks that show off the hot action coming from the Lone Star State. The first is just a fun club highlight reel from a stellar night of pickup. The second is from Denton, Texas at last weekends Dentron.0 hardcourt bike polo tournament. Check them out here:

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Hardcourt Bike Polo Wikipedia Updates

April 5, 2015
wiki polo

Have you taken a stroll down the ‘Hardcourt Bike Polo’ Wikipedia page recently? Last night, between episodes of Bob Burgers, I found myself scrolling through the growing legacy that is Hardcourt Bike Polo page. I was delighted to find that someone has been doing some extensive updating on the page. You can find championship tournament results from all over the world. Not only that, but Ladies Army and Fixcraft‘s Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship are listed as well. The only thing they are missing is the 1st NAH Bench Championship (Go Portland!). Thank you to whoever keeps updating the page!



Jinxy’s $15 Wheel Cover Sale

April 3, 2015
jinxy covers sale

Jinxy Wheel Covers are back and she is looking to get the word out. To help jump start things again, Jinxy is having a wheel cover sale. From now until April 20th (Never Forget 4/20), Jinxy is offering wheel covers for only $15 each plus shipping! With the 2015 season fast approaching, it’s time to get those matching team wheel covers, so take advantage of this sale and get them on the cheap. To order a pair, hit up Jinxy at