Win Pro Deal for Your Club From Heckler’s Alley

June 8, 2015

If you were glued to the Mr. Do Video live stream (thank you so much to Do, Jenn, Machine, and everyone else that made the live stream happen) this past weekend during the Ladies Army 7 hardcourt bike polo tournament, then chances are that you saw the Heckler’s Alley commercial pop up a time or two. In case you decided to take a pee break during those commericals, let me tell you about the super sweet contest that Heckler’s Alley advertised during that commercial.

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Valkyries Win Ladies Army 7!

June 7, 2015

After losing only one game during Swiss Rounds, Elena (GVA), Quinn (LEX), and Shannon (VAN) of Valkyries went undefeated during the double elimination day to claim the title as the champions of Ladies Army 7. After a hard fight through the losers bracket, Hot Honey Biscuits (Jessi SEA, Erica SF, Tina MOLO) took second place for a third year in a row. Rounding out the podium, we saw Shit Twins (Bird MAD, Melly RDU, Meesh RDU) take third place. You can find full tournament results HERE!

4 Ways to Follow Ladies Army 7

June 3, 2015

Ladies Army 7 starts this Friday, yes you read that correctly. This tournament starts Friday and goes until the last match on Saturday, and then on Sunday there will be the notorious Ladies Army Co-Ed. With three days of non-stop hardcourt bike polo action happening in San Francisco, we figured we would make following along easy for you. Here are four ways to follow the Ladies Army hardcourt bike polo tournaments this weekend:

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Ladies Army and the Rise of the Team Name

June 2, 2015

There are plenty of reasons to love Ladies Army. It could be the very nature of celebrating the women that make up bike polo, or the patriarchy shattering sweat that each competitor pours out like so much PBR—but for me, there is a particular enjoyment in the team names.

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Ladies Army 3 Final Game Video

June 1, 2015

With only three days until Ladies Army 7, we thought we would take a walk with you down memory lane. Let’s go back to Austin, Texas in the year 2011 and watch the final at Ladies Army 3. Here we will witness the Cunning Stunts (Cherri, Maija, Birdie) take on The Clap (McKenzie, Shannon, Kiersten) in the championship match. Enjoy!

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