Finnish Nationals Teaser Videos

April 28, 2015

This year the hardcourt bike polo Finnish nationals are taking play in the city of Oulu, thanks to the Oulu Bike Polo club. To get the country (and even the rest of the world) stoked for their tournament, the Oulu Bike Polo club put together some teaser promotional video. These are seriously two of the best promotional/teaser videos that I’ve ever seen for the sport. They perfectly sum up the obsession that is hardcourt bike polo. You can find the two videos here:

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Dodici Polo Club Frame

April 27, 2015
dodici polo frame

Dodici Cicli released a brand new run of their Polo Club frame and fork. Coming in at 340.00€ for their 26″ frame and 49.00€ for their 135mm spaced fork (no disc tabs), all frames come in black, while the small has another dark green option, the medium has another prune option, and the large has another dark blue option. To pick one up, use this link HERE!

Daily News

Mr. Do is heading to Ladies Army 7

April 20, 2015
mrdo ad

In case you missed it, Mr. Do dropped some huge news on us over the weekend. The Do Crew announced that they will be live streaming Ladies Army 7 from down in the beautiful San Francisco, California. We are beyond excited that one of the largest tournaments of the year will actually be live streamed! Thank you to the Mr. Do crew and to the Ladies Army 7 organizers for making this happen!

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Heckler’s Alley Season Opener Sale

April 20, 2015
hecklers alley sale

To celebrate the start of the 2015 tournament season, Heckler’s Alley, your one stop bike polo shop, has a special promotion to help get you read. From now until I don’t know when because they didn’t tell me, they are offering 15% off of all the components that you’ll need to build a mallet. Heads, shafts, grips, connects, all the buttery goodness for your hardcourt bike polo tournament season. Head to their webstore HERE to take advantage of this great special!