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Fixgrips Made Easy

August 7, 2014
fixcraft fixgrip

If you’re like me, then chances are that the first Fixgrip you tried to install blew a whole out the side. And then the second went on, but it took a lot of curing and elbow grease until it finally seceded to your threats of killings its whole family.

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Kwack Kwack kWacker Rotor Guard!

August 5, 2014

kWacker rotor guard


The Kwacker rotor guard started as a dream in Denver, Colorado and manifested into reality in Portland, Oregon. Designed and TIG welded by Whilly Willard (a badass polo player who builds race cars for a living), the Kwacker is made out 5052 aluminum and only weighs 8.9 oz. At this time you can only pick them up in person or over at Hecklers Alley, so either come visit us in Portland or hit up the new one stop polo shop! Use this link HERE to find out more.

Oh, by the way. In case you are wondering, the name comes from the fact that it kind of looks like a duck head and it will protect your rotor from getting kWACKED!


Max Goes 700

August 5, 2014
max power 700c frame

max power 700c frame


The master of the aluminum (not just aluminum, but aircraft aluminum) bike polo frame, Max Power, has long been a push behind the 26″ movement in the hardcourt world. Even as the sport grows for the better and we see many changes come about in rules and the alike, we still see the great 700c vs 26″ debate, so it’s great to see Max Power offer framesets for people on both sides now.

Use this link HERE to find out more info on the brand new 700c Max Power frames!


The Guardians Swooping In

August 3, 2014
guardians bike polo

First they brought us a great welcome video that allows us to show off this sport that we all love. Then they showed off the graceful smooth flow of the Cascadian Qualifier with a highlight video. Now Jagwolf Media is  back again! This time they are spotlighting one of the most consistent and honorable teams in bike polo, The Guardians.

Enjoy the footage and be sure to take notes, as we all can learn a thing or two from the precision that is The Guardians.

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ONE to ONE’s Great Debate

July 30, 2014
700 vs 26

700 vs 26


ONE to ONE Print Shop is looking to help polo players all over the world pick sides in the infamous 700 vs 26 debate. Whether you are a fan of running 700c or 26″ wheels on your polo rig, ONE to ONE has a shirt for you to show off your support (and dislike for the other). So join in, pick up a shirt, and show off your support.

You can order you favorite shirt HERE!