2014 Eastside Frost: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

December 9, 2014

(featured image: Keegan Bursaw)

The 2015 Frost was, above all else, a tourney of experiments. First, how a 5 man bench tourney would go down in the ol’ Eastside region (I think this was the first). Second, whether you could introduce a crease rule and have it stick (which certainly has been experimented with in other tourneys), and third, whether you can create a tent village to keep people dry enough to play.

Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

In all truth, and I’ll say this now to spare you all the suspense, the Frost was an enormous amount of fun for a variety of reasons, which brings us to the first part of my over used title:

The Good

2014-12-06 09.58.35The Frost’s format, five player bench, is just so much fun. As Horse said perfectly on our way back to Lancaster, it’s a bench where instead of feeling like you should play everyone, it’s one where you need to play everyone. The 2 people who are sitting on your bench when a game is happening are actively involved in coaching, are ready to jump in, and don’t feel (at least in my case) like an appendix in an otherwise useful body.

The games were also 30 minutes long, which seemed just a touch too short–which is perfect. I left games feeling relatively good, and not at all over-worked. One could certainly chalk that up to my general laziness on the court, but let’s say that it’s more of a signifier of how solid the length of the games were instead. Yeah. Let’s do that.

Even with all the metarequirements of a tourney (lodging, eating, palling around), having 5 people instead of 9 really worked out well.

I guess when it comes down to it, I’d probably travel further for a 5 person bench tourney than I would for a three person tourney.

The Frost organizers also did a bang-up job on creature comforts. Yes, Saturday was probably the worst conditions I’ve ever played a tourney in, but we had a shanty town and outdoor heaters, and that went a long way to make me comfortable. Okay. I wasn’t comfortable at all, really. BUT I really appreciated the effort and WTF ever, rain. I don’t even care ’bout you. Continue Reading…

Contest, Product

Fixcraft & DZR’s Biggest Bike Polo Giveaway Ever!

December 8, 2014
Fixcraft banner 2

Fixcraft and DZR are running the biggest hardcourt bike polo contest ever! And they couldn’t have made it simpler to enter to win: all you have to do it LIKE the DZR Facebook page, LIKE the Fixcraft Facebook page, and then post THIS URL on your Facebook page. It’s as easy as that and you could walk away with a

  1. Fixcraft prototype polo frame
  2. Fixcraft universal polo fork
  3. Fixcraft disc guard
  4. DZR Marco bike polo shoes
  5. DZR hip flask

So much awesomeness in just one contest! Don’t miss out on this!


New Max Power Rotor Guard

December 7, 2014
max power guard

With numerous requests for a disk tab mounted rotor guard, Max Power pumped out this beauty. Made with 6mm aluminum, this rotor guard will fit any IS2000 forks, reguardless of dropout shape. There are only a few left, so send your 45€ (plus 7€ world wide shipping) to Max Power and never worry about getting your rotor bashed again! You can pick one up HERE!


Fixcraft Europe is Here!

December 4, 2014
fixcraft europe

After they dominated the North American market, Fixcraft is looking to jump the Atlantic and have their hands at a whole new market. As of yesterday, they officially launched their Fixcraft Europe division and this means inexpensive bike polo gear for all hardcourt bike polo players in Europe.  If you’re a European looking for Fixcraft gear, hit up them up at