3-2-1 Polo! Presents: The Hardcourt Bike Polo Flag

August 26, 2015

Coming from a hardcore background, I’ve been stoked on the idea of doing a hardcourt bike polo flag for a long time. After scrounging up all the pennies I had, I contacted Liam Gilson (known for taking some of the most incredible photos in all of bike polo) for permission to use one of said photos. I then took that photo too my good buddy Jeremy Haas (of Pinch Flat MFG fame) to turn it into a great graphic. With graphic in hand, I contact Sean Ingram of Blue Collar Press (or you might know him from Fixcraft) to help turn it into a 3 dimensional object that people would be proud to hang on their wall. Without those three these would not be possible, so I just want to thank them for the help!

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217 Shuffle Highlight Video

August 26, 2015

Decatur Bike Polo‘s 217 Shuffle is easily my favorite fun hardcourt bike polo tournament. I love it so much that I stole the format to create the Rose City Royal Rumble here in Portland, but even with stealing the format, the fun environment is something I just can’t match. I encourage everyone to try to match it to the 217 Shuffle in Decatur, Illinois next year! In the mean time, check out the video:  Continue Reading…


Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo is amazing—and I couldn’t care less about it.

August 19, 2015

Post by Crusher–direct your hatred there.

Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo (or PHBP for short) is, to put it in the clearest terms possible, fantastic. It shows the athleticism possible in bike polo with some of the greatest players in the world. It’s shot in such a fantastic, engaging way, and it’s aimed at bike polo players and—AND—possible fans alike. No doubt there are hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and dozens of people involved in the concept, production, and completion of the videos so many of us are watching and drooling over.

If, two years ago, you told me about something like PHBP, I’d laugh at you & then at me & then go back to typing away about how to best cup a ball in a mallet. It’d be a joke—but Sean over at Fixcraft was already scheming and dreaming of it, and he accomplished it. Let’s not mince words: Sean saw what he wanted to do and made it happen, as he so often does. It was an enormous risk and if popular opinion and some whispers of larger cable TV involvement are to be trusted, it very well may pay off.

And even knowing all of this, I can’t be brought to care.

I watched the first video and maybe 3/4ths of the second, and then kinda stopped caring. Continue Reading…


Heckler’s Alley Fixcraft Head Sale

August 18, 2015
hecklers alley

Heckler’s Alley is offering a huge sale this week on their Fixcraft head collection. If you go to the Heckler’s Alley website to pick up a Tournament Ultralite, Ultralite Pick Up, Unibody Classic, Guardian’s V2, or The Means’ Mirage head, you will save 15% off of each one in your cart. Keep in mind that Fixcraft is SOLD OUT of the Mirage head, so pick one up there, at a discounted rate! Make sure you’re prepared for NAs next month, stock up now at Heckler’s Alley and save big!