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Tacocat Calls Out Bike Polo

December 17, 2015

If you aren’t familiar with the Seattle pop punk band Tacocat, then you definitely need to spend some time listening to their albums. THEY ARE SO GOOD! Not only do they make amazing music, but their lyrics are powerful and they are not willing to take shit from anyone. Just check out the song “Hey Girl” on their 2014 album NVM. In this song, Tacocat calls out all the men who have cat called them. Toward the latter half of the song the singer even calls out BIKE POLO for cat calling! We here at 321polo fully support efforts like this one and the Hollaback! Project and hope that our community can do better in the future. Watch the video below to check it out for yourself:

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Holiday Enforcer Giveaway!

December 15, 2015
enforcer giveaway

In the month of December both the 3-2-1 Polo! Facebook page and Instagram page gained over 2000 LIKEs and Follows. I know by Social Media fame standards these are microscopic numbers, but to us, we feel so honored! We want to thank you all for this amazing support, and the best way we know to thank you is to giveaway an Enforcer Bike Polo frameset! To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is LIKE us on Facebook, and share our giveaway post. Winner will be announced on Christmas morning (PST morning).

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Non-Bike Polo Gifts Made By Bike Polo Players

December 14, 2015
open hand leather goods

When bike polo is your life, it’s hard to wrap your brain around thinking about anything else. Even at the holiday season you’re brain jumps to which new bike polo bag to get, which new mallet head to try out, or which bike polo frame your going to buy with all of the money from your grandparents. With polo on the brain it can be hard to think about what to get those loved ones in our lives that don’t give a darn about the silly sport. For that, we are creating a list of awesome presents to buy now and will (hopefully) be here by Christmas. (note: sorry I didn’t get this out before Hanukkah.)

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Bike Polo Cross Stitches

December 8, 2015
rule 1

Portland Bike Polo’s own legend, Mehgan Murphy, a.k.a The Fabulous Moolah, has been making amazing hardcourt bike polo cross stitches for many years now. They were awards at bike polo tournaments and the most sought after gifts at PBP White Elephant Holiday parties, and now you can pick one up for yourself! With the help of Heckler’s Alley, you can pick up three different Mehgan Murphy cross stitches. The ever famous Rule #1: Don’t Be A Dick, the classic Zero Fucks Given, and for the nihilist at heart, Who Gives A Shit? There are only 3 of each so act quick; pick one or three up HERE!