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Get Out of Work Free Card

October 2, 2013


When Florida put in their bid to host Worlds this year, one of their main selling points (outside of the gorgeous courts and beach life) was their experience in hosting cycling events. This previous experience becomes clearer and clearer as the tournament draws closer; their attention to the smallest details is characteristic of a true event organization expert. One such detail that gave me a “Why didn’t I think of that!” moment, was their Get Out of Work letter.

While Worlds is only two weeks away, it seems safe to assume that most participants have already requested off work, but just in case there are a few stragglers who are waiting to the last second to do so, this letter will help convince your boss that you deserve the time off. Even if you have work off, it would still be fun to print off the letter and use it to brag about your polo skills around the office.

All you have to do is follow this link HERE and save the document, insert your name and print it. It’s that simple!

If the 2013 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship is half as organized as the preparation for the tournament, then we are in line to see the best Worlds yet!

See you in Florida!


WHBPC Needs Your Help!

October 1, 2013


I know for most of us, traveling to Florida later this month will be nothing more than a week of fun in the sun. A carefree vacation near the beach while playing some of the best polo of our lives. I mean come on it’s Florida! While making your Florida to-do list, try adding one more thing that could make everyone’s Worlds experience a little better.

The World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship needs volunteers! To help the tournament run smoothly Florida, the NAH, WHBPC organizers, even the poloverse as a whole, asks that you step up and help out. They need volunteers to ref, goal judge, score keep, time keep, and help with general command center duties. Signing up for even one hour of your time can make the tournament go from a rusty chain to a well oiled smooth ride. Do your part and help the community out!

NAH has posted a needs schedule on VolunteerSpot. The site helps them keep track of everyone that is generous enough to offer a few minutes of their time for the tournament. Follow the link HERE and sign up!

Keep your bikinis under wraps for just a little while longer and give just two extra hours a day to be in Weston so that the 2013 World Championship can the best we have ever seen.

The Poloverse Needs You!


BFFs Head To London!

September 23, 2013


We don’t normally advertise for tournaments outside of major qualifiers (mostly because there are so many tournaments these days), but we are always willing to help friends out. Johannes Douglas sent us an email asking if we would spread the word on the Best Friends Forever Bike Polo Tournament in London. The tournament is being held on October 6th and it coincides with London’s Bicycle Film Festival. So if you’re looking for a fun weekend of film, friends, and polo, then plan a trip to London from October 3rd to the 6th.

For more info on the tournament, check out their Facebook page and their League of Bike Polo page!

And for more info on the Bicycle Film Festival, head HERE!

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MKE Small Mouth Review

September 20, 2013


Last spring Milwaukee Bicycle Company sent us their Small and Large Mouth Monoheads. Since we received these heads at the beginning of the tournament season, we wanted to hit the court with the Large Mouth (tournament head) first. After falling in love with it, we pumped out that review HERE. At the end of the qualifying reason, 3-2-1 Polo found it’s review moving from the Midwest to Cascadia, thus leaving the Small Mouth review on hold. Now that we are all settled in at our new home in the Northwest, we are ready to bring you out Small Mouth Monohead review!

For the Small Mouth review are we doing something a little different. With so many awesome heads on the market, we want to standardize the reviews so that you, the reader, are able to distinguish which products you want to try. Here is the template that will be seen on all head reviews from here on out:

- Head Name and Info:
MKE’s Small Mouth Monohead, 83 grams, 5″ long, 2.5″ outer diameter, 2.05″ inner diameter.
– Did you make any alterations to the Head?
– How long have you been using it?
Three months of pick-up twice a week.

1) Shooting
1 – – – 2 – – – 3 – – – 4 – – – 5
The capped end’s shooting power is on par with a bicycle kick from Liu Kang. Shots come off head straight and level so no worries about shooting over the net.

2) Ball Handling/Control
1 – – – 2 – – – 3 – – – 4 – – – 5
I rated it three, not because it has poor ball handling abilities but because all cylindrical heads control the ball the same way. It’s not any worse than any other cylindrical head.

3) Scooping
1 – – – 2 – – – 3 – – – 4 – – – 5
The lip makes it a lot harder to scoop the ball than it’s Large Mouth brother. If you are one that hits the court on your own to work on scooping skills then I’m sure this head will be just fine, but for your average Jane, this head does not make scooping easy.

4) Receiving Passes
1 – – – 2 – – – 3 – – – 4 – – – 5
When gliding the head across the court, you can tell that they didn’t skimp out on cheap material. This high grade UHMW allows for smooth catches of the ball as well. No chips or misshapen sides to worry about.

5) Longevity
1 – – – 2 – – – 3 – – – 4 – – – 5 
The only word that comes to mind when thinking about the longevity of this head is “WOW!” I’ve been playing with this head for just over three months now and I’m still on the first rotation in the head. Mind you, I’ve been using this head at pick up with a rough surface, twice a week, without a need to rotate. That’s hard to beat.

- Are there any specific faults/defects that you’ve noticed?
I’ve found no faults or defects in this head thus far.

- Would you recommend any changes in the next version of the head?
The only thing I can recommend is that they add three rotations to the head. Right now they only have holes at 12 and 6, and then 3 and 9. With two rotations you miss out on usable parts of the head.

- Would you use another one of these heads? Explain.
I would definitely use this head again. It is going to be my go to pick-up head from now on. Lightweight and will last so long that given the right pick-up surface, you could use it for a year. That sounds like $22 well spent.

– Would you recommend these heads to a friend? Explain.
Definitely, for the same reasons as why I would use the head again.


Head over to Ben’s Cycle and pick up a Small Mouth Monohead!


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Messman on Four Peaks

September 17, 2013

Matt “Messman” Messenger was one of hardcourt bike polo’s original six. Him along with five other messengers came up with the sport while waiting for deliveries at their bike courier job. Messman helped push this hobby of theirs into a sport, and because of his influence in the sport, he was in the spotlight on the show Four Peaks.

Four Peaks is a monthly show put together by the graduate Communications Department at the University of Washington. Hosted by Hanson Hosein, Four Peaks “taps into the Pacific Northwest’s rich endowment of idea generators, influential activists, business visionaries and inspired storytellers.” Hardcourt bike polo’s roots are in Seattle, Washington, while it’s branches have now reached countries all over the world; this lead Hosein and Four Peaks to reach out to Messman for an interview on the sport.

Check out the interview here: