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Cage Rotor Guard

January 5, 2015
cage rotor guard

We love seeing new hardcourt bike polo products pop up in various places in the world. The most recent product to come to our attention is this brand new rotor guard called the Cage. Forged in Hungary, these things look as magical as Harry Houdini. You can find more information on the Cage over on their Facebook Page!


Hell’s Belles Vol. 4 Final

January 5, 2015

Check out this video of the championship match from the Hell’s Belles Vol. 4 bike polo tournament hosted by the Geneva Bike Polo club this past summer. In the video you’ll see Fluffy Riot (green) face off against Sisters (yellow). Enjoy!

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For Those About to Block (We Salute You)

December 31, 2014

Blocking shots (and even, I’d contend, blocking passes) is an important but often not discussed topic. I mean, fundamentally it’s not hard to do: get your wheel or mallet or body in the way of the ball. Sure, that’s easy enough.

But I don’t think the conversation ends there. It doesn’t go much further, but there are some considerations I think you should be making when blocking a shot.

No no, I’m not saying that you should be choosing between blocking or letting the ball go into the net. Stop being so dense. Sheesh. What I’m saying is that you should consider what happens after that ball is blocked.

For instance: after you block a shot with your wheel, are you thinking about where it’s going to bounce off to? are you considering whether your players are the most likely to get the ball on the rebound?

If you’re not, you might want to. Blocking the ball is a great thing, but blocking the ball and setting up a good play at the same time is pro level status, friend.

Try, immediately after blocking the ball, to capture it with your mallet (by stopping the deflection). Try, basically, to steal the ball from play, not just interrupt the play. This takes practice and a certain amount of luck, but it’ll put you well ahead of players who just put themselves in front of the ball without doing much else.


Top 4 Photos of 2014

December 30, 2014

4. By Brandon Carter at the 2014 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship
brandon carter north americans 2

3. By Will Melling at the 2014 London Open
2014 london open

2. By Brandon Carter at the 2014 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship
brandon carter north americans

1. By Liam Gilson at the 2014 North American Hardchourt Bike Polo Championship
liam gilson north americans