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Black Star Bags LA6 Sneak Peek

June 7, 2014
Ladies Army 6 Top Tube Pads

Ladies Army 6 Top Tube Pads

This morning Black Star Bags gave us a sneak peek of the top tube pad mallet holders they they donated to Ladies Army 6. The top tube pads, as you can see, feature the snake design seen on the Ladies Army 6 tournament poster. You can tell that Black Star put a lot of thought and care into making these; those guys continue to amaze us with their graphic design work!  I wish I could play in the tournament so that my team could walk about with them. I hear rumors of them donating some to the 2014 NAHBPC this year, so maybe I’ll have a chance to win some there.

If you like them as much as us and don’t want to wait to buy them, then head to the Black Star Bags website and pick up one for yourself, or three for your whole team!


Getting the English Shaft

June 7, 2014


For a couple years now Magic Bike Polo has reigned over the English bike polo equipment market. With one of the co-owners moving to Toronto last year, they look to be slowly taking the world by storm as well. But with the outward expansion having them focus outside the UK, there is a new company that looks to take over their English market.

Rising up from Birmingham, UK is Guts and Glory Bike Polo. While they currently only offer one shaft in a 0.9mm option, they still have the potential to bring some competition on the bike polo market.

To give one a try for yourself, head over to their website (HERE) and pick up a shaft or two!


Help The Beavers Get To France

June 3, 2014

The Beavers polo shirts


As much as The Beavers seem like millionaires after winning the 2013 WHBPC, in reality, they see the same struggles as the rest of us. One of which is being able to afford attending the 2014 WHBPC in Montpelier, France. To help ease the burden on their already stressed wallet, they have decided to sell some t-shirts. They have two great designs up for sale thanks to the former Beaver Boy, Joe Burge.

To pick up a shirt and help the Beavers defend their title, follow this link HERE to pick up a shirt!


Heartland & East Side 2014

June 1, 2014
heartland qualifier los tranquilos

This weekend was slightly calmer than the last, in terms of qualifying tournaments. With no word from anyone in Europe about a qualifier happening on that side of the globe, it’s safe for me to assume that the only qualifiers that took place this past weekend were the first ever Heartland Qualifier in Indianapolis, IN and the East Side Qualifier in Lancaster, PA. So without further ado, here are the 11 teams heading to North Americans:

heartland qualifier los tranquilos










  1. Los Tranquilos (Mags, Charlie COMO, Hams LEX)
  2. Three Bucks (Peter, David CBUS, Eric LEX)
  3. Hustle and Muscle (Chris CIN, porch, James LEX)
  4. Natives (Travis BLM, Stas Indy, Thomas LAF)
  5. Twice Removed (Thomas CIN, Lou, Bob CLE)

Full results can be seen HERE.

(Thanks to Tiffany Morrow for the photo)

East Side
east side qualifier final










  1. Ratking (Natred, Zach NYC, Dirkbag TO)
  2. White Fang (Fang, Jake, Fang BOS)
  3. PHL Polo (Brendan, Peter, Mark Philly)
  4. Arsenal (Jonathan CHI, Horse LNS, Rob Philly)
  5. NASA (Alias, Alex DC, Greg PGH)
  6. The Holy Ghost (Tyler, Zac, Nick BOS)

Full results can be seen HERE.

(Photo thanks to the Lancaster Polo nerds)

Congratulations to everyone that qualified; I can’t wait to see you all in the Twin Cities!


Big Qualifying Weekend 2

May 27, 2014

south west qualifier 2014 the beavers
This past weekend we saw six more qualifier take place around the world. Three of which were in North America (Cascadia, South West, and Great Plains) and three in Europe (Italy, Hungary, and Spain). Since the NAH constantly updates the newly qualified teams, I think I’ll start with the teams heading to Padova.

Qualified Italian teams:

  1. Pirati (Corbe, Ricky, Salvo)
  2. Loneagle (EdoO, Pigro, *Tommy pn)
  3. Senatori (EdoO, Pigro, *Tommy pn)
  4. Tigers (Cento, Mattia, Tobia)


  1. Maior (Alex, Ste, Zaff)
  2. Rockets (Noce, Giorgio, *Luca)

Full results can be found HERE.


Qualified Hungarian teams:

  1. Chickentstop (Dodi/Kata/Évi)
  2. The Bisons (Zerge, Wackor, Jule)


  1. Clique (SzandiG, SzandiV, Brúnó)
  2. 8AM (Dova, kRisz, Peti)

Full results can be found HERE.


Qualified Spanish teams:

  1. DEFENSORES (Dinamita, Adrián, Pablo)
  2. PELEGRINS (Juanillo, Hugo, Saúl TPM)


  1. LASAI a.k.a. EL CENTIPEDO HUMANO (JB, Urko, Grow)
  2. RATAPOLOFIA (Jordi, Marc N, Marc F)

Full results can be found HERE.


And now for the teams heading to the Minneapolis suburb of Roseville for the North American Championship…

Qualified Cascadian teams:

  1. The Guardians (Cody, Julian, Dustin SEA)
  2. The Ringers (Nick Philly, Redbeard SEA, Pierre SF)
  3. The Assassins (Joe, Koyo, Evan SEA)
  4. The Cucumbers (Jake, Scooter, Sterling SEA)
  5. Prospectors (Air In Hand, Fletcher, BYD PDX
  6. Portland United (Arlyn, Pete, Eric PDX)
  7. Warriors (Sean, Elijah, Stiven SEA)
  8. Fear itself (Jess, JT SEA, Henry VAN)
  9. Hurt Feelings (Tall George, Tippi, Jeff VAN)
  10. Sweethearts (Maxxx, Leon, tony SEA)
  11. Family (Jason, Martin, Brooke VAN)

Full results can be found HERE.


Qualified South West teams:

  1. Beavers (Brian, Eric, Joey SF)
  2. The Control (Shitty, Forrest, Ace SF)
  3. Treat Street (ryan CLE, Pistolero LA, Ruckus SF)
  4. The Taint Sabers (Jody, Matthias Pepper, Nicolas SF)

Full results can be found HERE.


Qualified Great Plains teams:

  1. Mosquito (Will, Daren, Duane SKN)
  2. Passless Chaps (Dave, JB, Zach WPG)
  3. Aegis Burn (Gregory, Joshua, Andrea SKN)

Full results can be found HERE.

A huuuuuge thank you to John Hayes for helping follow along with all of the European qualifiers. I couldn’t have done it without him!

If anyone else knows of any upcoming qualifiers, be sure to send me the links so that I can help the world follow along!