VANDALrgz Bike Polo Hammock

March 10, 2015
vandalrgz hammock

Sometimes you have really good ideas, but you don’t have the money to make them a reality. You sit on it and then BOOM! someone beats you to the punch. In this case, that someone is VANDALrgz and that good idea is a hardcourt bike polo travel hammock. We may not be able to see you 3-2-1 Polo! hammocks not that’s okay, you should still pick up one of these bad ass hammocks from VANDALrgz. They have 7 different colors to choose from, so find the one that best suites you! Pick one up HERE.


Is Bike Polo Becoming Unaffordable?

March 9, 2015

Story filed by Crusher

I don’t money shame, nor do I have any money shame: I’m a pretty broke guy. I’m doing a lot better than most others out there, to be sure, but speaking generally I don’t have very much to spend on things that tickle my fancy or for a night out on the town. My money is basically spent before I make it, to put it in the clearest terms.

And that’s part of the reason that bike polo was so attractive to me when I started it years ago. I spent something like 100 bucks on my first bike (a specialized Hardrock frame, parts from everywhere), and maybe 30 bucks on all the other equipment I used (a helmet, eventually, gloves, and a free mallet from the Godfather of my club, Kyle).

And I was off running.

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Madrid’s Open IV Promo Video

March 9, 2015
marid open

I don’t know too much about the previous Madrid Open hardcourt bike polo tournaments, but if they are half as good as this video makes them seem, then I wish I could have been to all of them! Simply, this video makes hardcourt bike polo look pretty. Check it out:

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The Future of Bike Polo Starts With One Instagram Photo

March 5, 2015
detroit bike polo

In North America it has been talked about for years and with one Instagram post, it looks like our dream may finally come true.

Well i got enough for two teams, who’s in? #bikepolo#detroitbikecity#slowroll#squad

With that message posted along with the photo above, Detroit Bike Polo is born! The post came from the Instagram handle @killabeards211, who is known to the real world as Mike Ross. We wish Mike the best of luck starting the club; in fact let’s all keep your fingers crossed for him. There have to be so many amazing old hockey courts that are no longer being used, and even better than that, there surely are old warehouses or even stadiums where amazing indoor tournaments could be held.

As I mentioned before, we all have joked about the polo Mecca potential of Detroit, here’s to you, Mike, for starting the future of bike polo!


Levi’s Women’s Commuter Line

March 4, 2015
levi commuter

I know this isn’t exactly hardcourt bike polo related, but the fact that Levi’s FINALLY created a women’s line for their Commuter series is so exciting. The new line has three colors of skinny jeans (denim, black, and grey), denim jean shorts, a windbreaker, and a waterproof jacket. You can find more info on each article HERE. You can also check out Levi’s promo video for the women’s Commuter line below:

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