Southern Fried Polo Footage

June 27, 2013

992985_10200133724127156_361604807_nPhoto courtesy of Hansley Photos.

Thanks to Adam Hite, the man with the best Southern drawl in bike polo, footage from the final two games at the Southeast regional qualifier is now up for your viewing pleasure. Albeit a tad shaky, the video highlights the talent that is boiling up in America’s South. We posted the results last week, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out the action. All sports learn about their competition through game footage, so here’s your chance to spy on some great teams headed to the North American Championship.

Here is the first tournament final:

And here is the second tournament final:



Show Your Polo Love

June 25, 2013


Show your love for bike polo while at the same time helping your fellow brothers in arms. Tallahassee Bike Polo are selling these stickers to help their six qualified players make it to North Americans. All proceeds will go towards covering gas for their 20 hour drive to the Twin Cities.

Tallahassee Bike Polo are offering these stickers in 12 hilariously named colors, so you can get one to match any of your bike equipment! They have everything from “Pinchflat Blue” to “Can I Borrow your Sunscreen Red”. Find your favorite color on the list and put in your orders today! I would hate to see these guys not be able to make it to Minneapolis!

To order some stickers, hit up Tallahassee Bike Polo’s online shop HERE!


Qualifier News: South Central

June 24, 2013


994155_516222834283_800483033_nThis is hands down the coolest tournament group photo to date.

This past weekend, Denver Bike Polo teamed up with Boulder Bike Polo to host the South Central regional qualifier in the beautiful mountains of Boulder, Colorado. With only 16 teams competing for 6 spots, each team had an astounding 38% chance to qualify from the get go. Even with the odds working in all the teams favor, the 6 teams that qualified came as no surprise to anyone familiar with the South Central region.

In our opinion, the biggest winners this weekend were Texas bike polo. Of the 18 players that qualified for North Americans, 11 were representing Texas. Not only that, the 2013 South Central champions were Texas’ own Boobies Make ME SMILE (Pelon, Robert ATX, Andrew SMC). Texas also ended up claiming two thirds of the silver metal and all of the bronze. So a huge congratulations to Texas for showing the South Central region what polo looks like!


The full list of qualified teams is as follows:

  • 1st: Boobies Make ME SMILE (Pelon, Robert ATX, Andrew SMC)
  • 2nd: Ghost Wolves (Bob, Zach ATX, Maxxx SEA)
  • 3rd: Mucho Take It Easy (Miguel ATX, Diego, Miguel HOU)
  • 4th: Witchcraft (Spencer, Malakai, Josh LKS)
  • 5th: Diablos de Tejas (alekos HOU, David, David SAT)
  • 5th: Trident (Duncan DEN, Alex, Lee DRO)

I hope to see you all in Minneapolis!

Media, Tournaments

South Centrals Live!

June 21, 2013


In a nice surprise to the bike polo community, Denver Bike Polo announced that South Centrals will be live streamed this weekend. Just like the other live qualifiers, you can head over to to check out smash mouth action! (the band Smash Mouth may or may not be there)

Fourteen (wait, only fourteen? wow.) of the hottest teams in the South Central region will be competing for the chance to head to North Americans so be sure to tune in and cheer on your favorite team!

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Mamba X Gets a Facelift

June 19, 2013


Last October I wrote a review of the Mamba X shoes by DZR (you can find that review HERE). At the time, the shoes had gone through four months of pick up twice a week, as well as four different tournaments and they help up very well. I didn’t experience the problem with the outer sole like I had seen on other pairs of the shoes. How quickly things changed though. About a month after the review was posted, the glue on both soles started to come undone. To save the shoes, I took them to a local shoe repair shop and had them re-glued.

Jump to today, one year after receiving the shoes, and the story has changed 10014_4931296242448_1225402707_ndrastically. The re-glue job on the left shoe has held pretty well, but the right shoe is another story. All of the layers of the sole have come apart, and they are barely wearable. One hop while clipped in could result in sole ripping off completely. I brought this problem up to Brian Dillman at DZR, he informed me that the company was well aware of the problem and had actually already fixed it!

The reason it was happening was because the vegan glue used on the Mamba X couldn’t hold up in a high octane atmosphere, like on a bike polo court. DZR wanted to keep the Mamba X a vegan shoe so changing the glue was out of the question; instead they simply added a stitch around the outer sole. This is such an easy solution to a major problem, and we are glad to see DZR facing the problem head on and fixing it. It’s always great when independent companies recognize problems in their products and fix them, instead of putting the blame elsewhere. Kudos DZR!

If you moral beliefs guide your shoe shopping or you just want to support an awesome company who does things right, then head over to DZR’s website and pick up a pair of the new Mamba X shoes. Be sure to tell them 321Polo sent you!

We will be posting a review in the coming months.