DZR Marco – One Year Review

February 8, 2015
dzr marco 2

It seems to be standard these days for blogs to receive a product, test it for a couple weeks and then write a review about it. We understand that a lot of people in hardcourt bike polo don’t have a lot of money to spend on products, and it is for that reason that we choose to thoroughly test all products before posting about a review. So here it is, our one year review of DZR’s Marco bike polo shoe:

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Inside Bike Polo with News Observer

February 5, 2015
raleigh bike polo news observer

Raleigh, North Carolina’s News Observer posted a great article on the Raleigh Bike Polo scene entitled “Inside Bike Polo: Harder Than It Looks”. You can read the full article below and you can check out the original article along with a video HERE!

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PHBP1 Photos by Stalks of Wheat

February 3, 2015
Bike Polo in Topeka, KS.

This is the first of many incredible media releases from the first Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo championship that was held this past weekend in Topeka, KS. You can check out the series of stunning photos from Stalks of Wheat HERE! We hope to see more photos from Stalks of Wheat to come up soon.