Slaydy Hawkins is this weekend!

November 3, 2014
slaydy hawkins

This weekend Indianapolis Bike Polo is hosting the first ever Slaydy Hawkins bike polo tournament. As the name suggests, the tournament is modeled after the traditional Sadie Hawkins Dance, where in the ladies ask the men to the dance. Much like the high school dance, ladies get pick their two other partners for the tournament, be it coed or an all girls death squad. I’m really stoked on the idea of the tournament and I can’t wait to see it develop on Podium. If you want to follow the tournament this weekend as well, use this link HERE! And if you want more info on the tournament, check out the League of Bike Polo page HERE!


Enforcer Bike Polo Frame

November 3, 2014

Hand designed in the USA, hand made in Peru. The Enforcer is bike polo frameset is what happens when two like minded individuals join forces to better the sport of hardcourt bike polo. Your leading source of bike polo news, 3-2-1 Polo! teamed up with the Peruvian bike company Marino Bike to bring you an affordable frameset that will crush your opponents on the court. Find out all the info on both the 26″ and 700 version of the Enforcer HERE! 


Hilarious Bike Polo Gif

October 31, 2014
funny polo gif

Somehow this hilarious GIF that Mr. Do posted online has not made its way around the internet. I think that it is time for that to happen! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Other than Polo

All Profits to Jeff and his Family

October 30, 2014

I was discussing the campaign to help Jeff after his unbelievable recent loss with Aaron of 321 Polo, and we decided that a great way we could help out is to give some incentive towards people to donate.

That being said: we’ve re-opened the pre-ordering of the Tee Shirt. All profits. ALL. PROFITS. of the sale of these tee shirts will go directly to the GiveForward campaign meant to help alleviate some of the terrible costs Jeff now faces with the death of Rhiannon, and the now more difficult raising of his new twin daughters. This sale will close Wednesday, November 5th–so please order a shirt (or three).

Buy a tee shirt (or give directly to the fundraising effort through the link above) and help a fellow polo player who is going through something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Click on the image below to purchase, and thanks.



A Bike Polo Cause We All Should Stand Behind

October 30, 2014

As bike polo related crowd sourcing pages usually consist of people trying to get money to travel to a tournament or buy a new bike, I usually tend to shy away from posting about them. But this time it’s different, this time it’s very, very different. Someone in our Earth sized bike polo family has lost someone very special to them, and it is our duty as their bike polo brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, etc to help them out.

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