Qualifier News: Midwests

May 28, 2013

DSC_0295Photo courtesy of Zachary Woodward

Thirty of the best teams in the Midwest gathered last weekend in Columbus, Ohio for the Midwest Bike Polo Championship. Headed by Columbus Bike Polo Club, this tournament took place in a parking lot with some of the best boards I have ever seen. They had perfectly rounded corners that allowed balls to surf from one side of the court to the other. If you ever need to know how to make the perfect DIY court, hit up Grandpa John in Columbus Ohio.

Now to the results…

Adding another notch to their bedpost of tournament wins, Eric Kremin and Brian Dillman (teamed up with Pierre Delamare of DC) took the title after a hard fought win over The Makers (Nick LEX, Ben, Chris MKE). The team known as Beaver Bros (named by yours truly) sent The Makers into the losers bracket with a 1-0 victory in the winners bracket final. The Makers beat Turd Mergers (the team who had their first lose in the first round of the double elimination and fought their way to 3rd place) to get a second chance at the Beaver Bros. The final game consisted of two 10 minute halves. Beaver Bros claimed their title in the second half with a 5-3 win over The Makers.

The Midwest was allotted nine spots in the North American Championships, and these are the teams that will be heading to Minneapolis:

  • 1st Beaver Bros (Pierre DC, Brian, Eric MKE)
  • 2nd The Makers (Nick LEX, Ben, Chris MKE)
  • 3rd Turd Murderers (Christopher LEX, Drew LOU, Adam TO)
  • 4th Breaknecks (Charlie, Nick COMO, Nick MPLS)
  • 5th The Lone Rangers (Jake, Matt, Guthrie MKE)
  • 5th The Stragglers (Chris, Ian, Alan CIN)
  • 7th Dark Horse (Jeff, Matt, Wade MPLS)
  • 7th Pup n Suds (Justin, Michael, Jeremy CBUS)
  • 9th Huffin’ Farts (Eric LEX, David, Peter CBUS)

Congratulations to all of these teams, and the best of luck to them all!

Find pictures from the event HERE and HERE!


Bike Breakdown Challenge

May 23, 2013


While going to bike polo tournaments, one will see many smaller competitions to pass the time. Most of the time you’ll find players knife fighting, rolling dice, or betting on the first player to foot down/score a goal in a game. We came across a brand new competition that took place while packing up after Ladies Army 5.

The Australian based bike polo blog GOALHOLE filmed (and knowing the Aussies, probably instigated) a polo bike breakdown competition. This specific challenge was between Brain Dillman of Beaver Boys and DZR fame, and the notorious man known simply as Machine.

Check out the video below to find out who won the competition:

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A Large Mouth Preview!

May 22, 2013


Milwaukee’s new Large Mouth Monohead surprised me.

Scoop moves aren’t really my game, but now that I have the bigger mouthed head in my arsenal, the moves feel that much easier. The first thing I tried was scooping the ball from my dominant side and taking it parallel to my bike on my non-dominant side, to pass the ball behind me. It worked. And it was easy. This was something I had never been able to do, and to be able to do it first try with the Large Mouth head says a lot about its scooping ability.

1It feels like I’m more in control of the ball at all times, too. This could be a placebo effect, but I doubt it. The ball reacts faster when you use the open end to pull the ball toward you or dish it away from you, with a slight fling of the wrist. I allowed me to start leaning more aggressively when I was charging the net and to get around defenders more easily on one-on-ones.

The head is light (weighing in at 83 grams), in large part because of its thin wall throughout. At the middle of the 25-inch head, there is a thicker wall inside. This gives the King’s Crown a little more plastic to bite (keep in mind that the thicker middle is nonproprietary to the King’s Crown and the head can be mounted using many different methods). But the thin wall makes the head pretty malleable. If somebody rolls over your head, it’s going to need to be reshaped, which is easy to do by hand, but probably not easy to do mid-game.

Overall, I really dig the Large Mouth head. It is the lightest head of its size on the market and the bigger mouth can be a game changer. It’s encouraged me to try new things; It’s helped me get more comfortable doing them and I’m slowly incorporating them into my game. It’s surprised that I can do some of these things so quickly, but it’s a nice surprise.

Milwaukee Bicycle Co. says these new Large Mouth heads will be out in two or three weeks, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. You’ll want these heads in your arsenal!


Qualifier News: Italian Euro Qualifier

May 21, 2013


Portugal wasn’t the only qualifier taking place last weekend; the country that gave us the greatest food ever invented, PIZZA, also held their qualifier.

The Italian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship took place this year in Caravaggio. The 24 team tournament saw Bike Pollo (Scimmia, Pas, Suino, of Catania) leading the AM bracket on Saturday with five wins and one lose, while the PM bracket was lead by an undefeated BAM! (Punch, Dodi, Luca, of Vicenza). BAM! carried their fury into Sunday, sweeping the entire double elimination tournament. They were followed by Loneagle (Edo O, Edo N, Pigro, of Lonigo) in second place and Bike Pollo in third. With three spots awarded to Italy, these are the teams that will be representing the country in the European Championship.

Best of luck to all three teams in Krakow, Poland!