Brandon Carter’s 2014 NAHBPC Photos

August 26, 2014
portland united brandon carter nahbpc 2014

Brandon Carter amazes us again with his ability to take some of the best hardcourt bike polo photos. You can find his set of 316 emotion clinching pictures from the 2014 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship HERE! Enjoy!

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Follow The 2014 WHBPC

August 25, 2014
2014 whbpc Montpelier

Here are the links that you’ll need to follow along with the 2014 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship wildcard and main event:

The 2014 WHBPC wildcard starts (today) Wednesday at 10:oo am Montpelier time (1:oo am Pacific Time here in Portland), with the main event starting at the same time on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Be sure to not miss a minute of the action!



S&S Coupler Fail

August 25, 2014
s&s coupler fail

There are those times when you put your bike together after arriving to a tournament, and no matter how many times you check it over, you just brush off that feeling that something isn’t right as being overly cautious. There are also those times when you just simply half-ass it all and rush onto the court. In both cases, a wreak like in the following video can happen can to you. Always remember to tighten your S&S couplers before hitting the court! Hagen from the team 1. Poloclub Köln forgot at the Ulm Open last weekend, and this is the result: 

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Will Melling’s London Open Photos

August 24, 2014

Will Melling photography

It’s great to see more and more photographers taking great hardcourt bike polo photos, and Will Melling is definitely help raise the bar for future bike polo photographers. Check out his series of photos from last weekends London Open HERE!