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Will Melling’s London Open Photos

August 24, 2014

Will Melling photography

It’s great to see more and more photographers taking great hardcourt bike polo photos, and Will Melling is definitely help raise the bar for future bike polo photographers. Check out his series of photos from last weekends London Open HERE!


Beard Bags Polo Gear

August 21, 2014
beard bags top tube mallet holder

I bought my Beard Bags back pack two years ago (the Rogue Expedition) so that I could travel would have plenty of space for clothes as I traveled around Europe for three weeks before and after Worlds in Geneva. It the perfect bag for the long journey and I couldn’t be happier with it to this day. Since the time of my purchase, Beard Bags has released two bags and one top tube pad specifically for (but not limited to) hardcourt bike polo players. Check out these beauties:

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Kyiv Summer Polo Series Footage

August 13, 2014
kyiv bike polo summer series

A couple months ago, we reported on how the Ukrainian/Russian conflict was effecting the Ukrainian hardcourt bike polo community. Since then, the Kyiv hardcourt bike polo club hosted their third annual Kyiv Summer Polo Series and thanks to Pride Kustoms, we have footage of the event. Check out all of the fun and life that breaths in Kyiv despite their countries conflict:

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