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Davis Bike Polo Drills and Tips

June 1, 2016
davis bike polo

The Davis Bike Polo club has started a YouTube channel where they are uploading videos of bike polo drills and tips. It’s great seeing more and more clubs/players/companies turn their focus to the growth of new players, and these videos from Davis Bike Polo are definitely here to help. Be sure to not only share these videos, but also bookmark their page so that you can stay up to date with their latest features. But until they shoot and upload more, here are the four that are ready to help you become a slayer:

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Sons of Pavel Goes Experimental

May 11, 2016
SOP2 facebook

Hardcourt Bike Polo is still a teenager. It’s awkward and it’s figuring itself out. We’ve experimented with 3v3, bench, 5v5, and a couple times with 4v4, and since it is so young, we are able to figure out what is best for the sport’s growth and its payers. Because of this, I love when clubs host experimental touranments, such as Prague Bike Polo’s Sons of Pavel 4v4 no goalie tournament. The organizer of this tournament, Dany Majard, sent us some info on the format the tournament itself. Read on and see what Dany has to say, and then maybe sign up for the tournament (if you’re in Europe) or plan to host a 4v4 tournament in your home town:

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Wasatch Open Highlight Footage

May 9, 2016
wasatch open bike polo tournament

In Salt Lake City the hardcourt bike polo club is known as the Beehive Bike Polo club. Last month, Beehive Bike Polo hosted the Wasatch Open. The tournament drew 15 teams from all over the west as it raised funds for its youth bike polo program. To commemorate the Wasatch Open, Beehive Bike Polo made this fun highlight reel. Something to note about this video is that they shot it in 6K. Enjoy!

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Ladies Army Fundraiser Tees

May 4, 2016
ladies army shirts

With the start of Ladies Army 8 less than a month away, more and more teams are looking to help fund-raise their amazing Guadalajara vacation. Two of which are the slayers from Memphis Bike Polo and the team Slayoncé. You can pick up a Memphis Bike Polo tee HERE and a Slayoncé tee HERE. We highly recommend picking up one of each!

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Pre-Order East Van Bike Polo Cycling Cap

April 27, 2016
east van bike polo cycling cap

The East Van Bike Polo cycling cap is now ready to pre-order! Just in time for summer, this 4-panel 100% cotton cycling cap will be made for the club by Walz Caps and is everything you need in a cycling cap. Color is black with a white silkscreen design as pictured above. Bargain priced at only $25 CAD (plus $5 shipping if you’re not in East Van). All profits go to support EVBP. The caps will be available in two sizes, info about sizing can be found HERE! Presales will run until Saturday May 7. It’s unlikely that they’ll be making extras so why take a chance?

Use the following form to place your order (FORM). They will email you within 24 hours to confirm your order. If you want more than one, fill out the form for each cap you want. Manufacturing will take approximately 8 weeks so expect your cap in July. If you have any questions or concerns drop a line to Michael Piercey at