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Full Fixcraft Mallet Review

February 25, 2015
fixcraft mallet

Recently I helped a friend put a brand new mallet together. I won’t name names but the shaft still required a drop-nut type of assembly, and the head didn’t come predrilled. I know there can be something cathartic about building your own mallet before a big tournament, but I felt like I was in the dark ages have to align a drop-nut perfectly, having to line up holes in the head so that the shaft sites at a perfect 90 degree angle. It was a comforting reminder that Fixcraft has brought us into a golden age of bike polo equipment. Here is our review of the amazing pieces that make up a complete hardcourt bike polo specific mallet:

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Complete Enforcer Build Ups

February 24, 2015
Enforcer Large Banner

Now that is has been a few months since the release of the Enforcer bike polo frameset, we wanted to share complete build pictures from each of the 6 sizes that we offer. I want to thank everyone who has purchased a frameset from us this far. We are actually down to only 14 frames left in the first run and we are beyond ecstatic for all of the support that everyone has shown us thus far. Remember that all frameset specs can be found HERE! And here they are, all frame build up pictures:
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Swallow’s 1mm Shaft

February 23, 2015
swallows 1mm shaft

Straight from the mouth of Swallow’s Bike Polo: “After years of testing and analysis we have developed the ultimate shaft for pickup and tournament play. Light but strong, durable yet easy to handle over a day of play. This shaft is the ultimate all purpose piece of equipment. Coming with our well tested long taper to avoid dings and 7075 T6 extruded aluminium for increased strength, bend resistance and durability.”

They are on sale right now and you can pick some up HERE!


A Few Questions About Today’s NAH Announcement

February 18, 2015

Story filed by Crusher

The NAH just released a post reviewing the changes players can expect in the 2015 season, NAHBPC, and beyond. I have the good fortune of somehow being respected in the NAH, and managed to sneak a peek at the post and pose a few questions to John Hayes, NAH Tourney poobah and all around swell guy. I asked three questions in particular (and please, dear reader, forgive him for his funny English spelling):

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