Dodici Cicli Team Deal

January 12, 2016
dodici polo club

If your hardcourt bike polo team in trying to look extra pro this session, you might as well take advantage of Dodici Cicli‘s brand new team deal. You can snag three of their brand new PCII framesets for a total of €900! So grab some friends, grab some teammates, or just stock pile some bike polo framesets for yourself, and take advantage of this killer deal. More info on the deal HERE!

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Feminist On The Court: 7 Ways To Be A Better Teammate to Women/Trans/Femme Players

January 11, 2016
jackie portland bike polo

“Feminist on the Court” is a new monthly column giving a voice to a variety of women, trans, and/or femme players (and those that support them) from around the world. This month Jackie Mautner of Portland, OR brings us a list of helpful suggestions for allies. If you’d like to tell us your story, email

There’s been a lot of discussion recently, sparked in part by the Tacocat music video, about cat-calling in particular, and sexism in general. Last month, on this blog,  Sara penned a response which outlined why we should take call-outs seriously, and concluded with the sentiment that the polo community can do better. Similar to that article, this article is meant to provide some ways you can be a better teammate to the women/trans/femme (WTF) players in your life. It should go without saying that this is not a comprehensive list, nor do I believe that there is only one way to create a safer, more inclusive and diverse polo community. Think of these ideas as tactics that may be useful in a given situation/towards a greater goal, just as you would on the court.

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Prospectors’ Sponsors Giveaway

January 10, 2016
Prospectors Giveaway

My favorite team (and hopefully soon to be yours too) is having an end of season Thank You giveaway contest. They want to thank their sponsors for their support and they want to thank their fans by giving away product donated by their sponsors. They are giving away EVERYTHING that you see in the picture above.

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Kentucky Fried Polo

January 4, 2016
kentucky fried polo

A few days ago Gbot Media posted this highlight video from the 2015 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship. This short but sweet video captures the essence of the tournament so well. The crashes, the goals, the heartbreak, the victory, the party; it’s all wrapped up here in one minute and thirty six seconds. Enjoy:

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Help Les Beehive Boys, Alejandro Carrillo Get to Worlds!

December 26, 2015
les beehive boys

I know it’s the day after Christmas so most of you have probably used up all of your holiday gift giving spirit, but if you have any left then use it to help Salt Lake City Bike Polo‘s Les Beehive Boys and Hija de la Coneja‘s Alejandro Carrillo make the trip down to the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in Timaru, New Zealand. They are already qualified/registered, they just need a little extra help making the trip possible.

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