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Feminist on the Court: #FreeKesha

March 7, 2016
Feminist on the Court

“Feminist on the Court” is a bimonthly column giving voice to a variety of women, trans, and/or femme players (and those that support them) from around the world. This unscheduled post is brought to you by Sarah Danya in light of current events. If you’d like to tell us your story, email genderinpolo@gmail.com.

Last week, the internet exploded as the NY Supreme Court ruled that Kesha was obliged to fulfill her six album record deal with Kemosabe Records, the label of her alleged rapist and abuser Dr. Luke. What happens to women when we are bound to communities that hurt us? The whole world now knows that Kesha is forced to choose between protecting herself and pursuing a career she is (presumably) very passionate about.

Bike polo is a small enough community that when assault happens- and it does, though it’s almost never spoken about publicly- we force the same choice without any lawsuits binding us together. There are no easy solutions, and I’m no crisis counselor, but I think it could help to start a conversation. So below I will describe the two times I was assaulted, both times by polo players, once as a rookie and once relatively recently. Commentary will follow after the row of X’s if you’d like to skip that bit.

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WHBPCVII Final Day Highlights

March 3, 2016


Happy Friday! I know this video has already made it’s rounds but I’m missing worlds and I’m missing all of these fun times and great people. So here it is again, the amazing highlight video from the WHBPC in Timaru, New Zealand.

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Who’s Hosting the 2017 WHBPC?

March 2, 2016

A month ago today we were down in Timaru, New Zealand basking in the beautiful and powerful opening ceremony to the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, thanks to Timaru Bike Polo and the Maori community. There were 36 teams sizing each other up on the court, as well as thousands of people either watching at that moment or gearing up to tune to the hot action online. Little did anyone know that what would come would be the best World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship to date, for both players and spectators.

While this post we will not get into what Timaru Bike Polo did to make it stand out from the previous world championships (this post will come), instead we wanted stress the importance of finding the host of the next WHBPC as soon as possible.

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Feminist on the Court: Bike Polo’s Subtle Sexism

February 28, 2016
ladies army

“Feminist on the Court” is a new monthly column giving a voice to a variety of women, trans, and/or femme players (and those that support them) from around the world. This month an anonymous writer explores the link between cultural sexism and women’s success on the court. If you’d like to tell us your story, email genderinpolo@gmail.com.

You might not realize it’s happening, but sexism in polo is making it next-to-impossible for women to succeed in your club – here’s how it works and what you can do about it

My love for bike polo is massive; I have never met a bunch of people who I clicked with so immediately. The game itself is ridiculously fun and I know that however long I play for I still won’t have mastered it.

However, lately I have been having serious thoughts that it is time for me to take a complete step back from the sport. Which is crazy. I love bike polo. But here’s the problem: the thing I love most about polo is improving, and I am starting to feel like there is something that is stopping me from doing that; something out of my power to change. So, what’s up? Why am I feeling this way?

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