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PHBP Videos Coming Soon!

June 15, 2015

Fixcraft and the rest of the Professional Hardcourt Bike Polo organizers just announced that the first video in the series is coming next Monday June 22nd, and then there will be one video released on each consecutive Monday following. They will be released on the new ProBikePolo website, so add the site to your bookmarks and get ready to get lost in some professional bike polo action! You can read the official word from the PHBP organizers here:

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A Sunday With Antwerp Bike Polo

June 10, 2015
antwerp polo

This video was posted to Vimeo a fews ago but it just came across my table, so I figured it was better late than never to share it with you all. So lets all jump in the Magic School Bus and take a trip to Antwerp, Belgium to join them for some pick up! Happy Friday!

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Exclusive Look: The Means, Fixcraft Introduce the Mirage Head

June 9, 2015
means mirage head

Fixcraft gave us the opportunity to give you the FIRST LOOK at the brand new Means team bike polo head called the Mirage. Available for purchase NOW on Fixcraft’s webstore, these bike polo heads are looking to change the way you hit the ball. The capped end of the Mirage heads are textured to mimic a golf club driver, so in theory a harder hit on the ball will cause lift, similar to a golf ball. As someone with a golfing background, foresee skilled players not only learning how to manipulate lift on the ball, but spin as well.

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