2015 NAHBPC Format Information

July 27, 2015

**This content originally appeared on the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Association website.**

The format for the NAHBPC 2015 is going to change slightly from the past few years.

The main thinking behind this is to condense the amount of time anyone needs to be playing, meaning shorter periods of time between games, and being able to relax for 2/3 of the day. This will also make it easier to find refs and other volunteers, as only 1/3 of players will be playing at any time.

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Congratulations to The Birds!

July 26, 2015

The reign of Call Me Daddy (Will, Polo PAR, Luca CBG) has come to an end! Well at least when it comes to the French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships. The Birds (Alex PAR, Morgain LYN, Dodi MUC) went 6-0-0 on the first day of Swiss rounds, beat Call Me Daddy in the Winner’s Bracket Final, ended up losing to Call Me Daddy in the first Tournament Final, and then the Birds defeated the world champs in the second Tournament Final to become the 2015 French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.

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A Look At Hong Kong Bike Polo

July 22, 2015
hong kong bike polo

We hope to visit Hong Kong someday to not only visit what appears to be a beautiful city, but to also hang out with their awesome hardcourt bike polo club. Until then though, we can dream about it with the help of this video. Enjoy!

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Product, Reviews

Review: 5″ Good Head

July 15, 2015
good head 123

Good Head, Canada’s up and coming bike polo head company, was generous enough to send us one of their 5″ center-drilled capped tournament heads. And after playing with this head, we are so glad that they sent the head our way! It fills a gap that has been missing since last season. One of my favorite hardcourt bike polo heads was that little blue 2014 Fixcraft tournament head (may it rest in peace), and this head feels so much like it, that it’s like it never left.

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